the beginnings

15 Jun

Bags2Bags began several years ago while visiting my sister-in-law. She was cutting up colored plastic bags and knitting pieces to then sew together into a purse. I was rather fascinated by this, as I have knit and crocheted many items in my lifetime, but never thought of trying to make something with plastic bags. I knew I could find some plastic bags and give this new technique a try. Little did I know what would transpire after that visit!

At that time, Wal-mart had a blue toned shopping bag with just a bit of yellow in it. I decided to make my first plastic bag bag with the Wal-mart bags, adding a white bag here and there. The finished bag actually had a denim look to it. Sad to say, I do not have a photo of that bag, or of most bags I made in the first few years.

While working on the denim-look bag (knitting each of the several pieces I would have to sew together) I decided that it might be easier to crochet a bag, where I’d just go around and around in one continuous row with very little finishing work to do. So, my second attempt was a crocheted purse in a variety of colors—yellow, orange, white, blue, purple, tan, and green. I do have a photo of this bag—I usually get lots of complements on this purse when I’m out and about. I’ve used this as my purse for several years and many people mistakenly think it is made from rafia; they’re usually surprised (and impressed) when I explain that it’s made from plastic bags and that I made the bag myself.


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