A whole lot of recycling

26 Jun

How many bags does it take to make one purse?

People always wants to know how many bags it takes to make a purse or tote. Since I usually lose track, or just don’t count, I decided to start a new purse and document the number of bags it takes to complete it. I’m starting with brown bags from a Minnesota grocery store. They’re just your average size grocery bag.

This is how far I got with 5 of the bags—not quite the bottom of a purse.

Here it is at 10 bags.

As you can see it’s gotten bigger. Ten bags equals the full bottom of the purse (for this size purse). If you know crocheting, or just look closely, you might notice the very middle of bag looks different in the two pics. I add some extra bags by chaining (crochet term) into what I’ve already done, to make the bottom of the bag more heavy duty and also eliminate the holes from the first few rows.

Stay tuned for the continuation of the bag count.


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