knit vs. crochet

17 Jul

Since starting my venture in plastic bag making, I knit a few purses. I would start by knitting each piece individually—front, back, bottom, and a piece for each side panel. Sometimes I knit a long strap and sometimes I used store-bought plastic or wood handles. After making all the pieces, I would assemble the bag by crocheting them together. That got to be rather tedious.

The first bag I made for my daughter was a cute lime green knit handbag, and she said that it tends to stretch and sag a bit. I have found that the bottoms of my knitted bags are a bit weak, so I cut a piece of plastic canvas and put in the bottom for more durability. Check out the texture of a knitted bag in the following picture.

Since making that handbag for my daughter I have made her some crocheted bags and she likes the sturdiness of them better. They are also much less complicated to make and I like that a lot. After trying both methods, I came to these conclusions:

  • crocheted bags can be completed in virtually one piece
  • it’s better on my hands to work with the plastic strips with a crochet hook rather than knitting needles
  • I can easily crochet over the ends of  my yarn (plastic) while working; with knitting I had to weave the ends in after finishing the bag
  • the end result of crocheting provides a sturdier bag

So after making only 4 or 5 knitted bags, I decided to leave the plastic knitting behind and switch over to only crocheting and plan on keeping my focus there.


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