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A whole lot of recycling :: 48 bags

16 Aug

Yes! I remembered to take a picture. I am still crocheting around and around and around on this bag and have reached 48 grocery size bags for this purse. The colors blend so nicely for a sunset look. Almost to the handle!

Stay tuned.


A whole lot of recycling :: 40 bags

11 Aug
picture of 40 bags

Oh dear. I got a little involved with crocheting this purse and forgot to take a picture since the last one at 25 bags! So now I have crocheted 40 bags into the purse. I’ve used more shades of oranges and am now starting with some yellow bags. Starting with the orange bags these are all newspaper bags.

I love how it has desert colors on the bottom and a sunset forming on top!

Bags2Bags in Belize

5 Aug

My son and his wife are missionaries with YWAM (Youth with a Mission) in Belize. Their base is on Ambergris Caye just north of San Pedro. This spring my husband and I had the opportunity to fly down and visit them, along with our daughter. We had a marvelous time relaxing on the beach in the Caribbean.

Before leaving for Belize, Kristen (my daughter-in-law) said that one of the YWAM staff, Anya, had seen the tote bag I made for her and wanted one! I packed materials to complete a tote that I had started and extra to make another bag, not knowing what Anya might like.

Just before we left, I got an email that she wanted the pink tote from the pictures I posted on the Bags2Bags Facebook page. So it quickly got added to our luggage. I still brought the unfinished tote and extra materials, just in case I had some time to work on them.

When we first arrived in Belize, I did find some downtime during our lazy relaxing days to sit out on the deck crocheting with a view of paradise.

I completed the tote so when Anya returned to the base she was able to see both of them. The pink one was still her choice. Two other girls on the base really liked the pink tote as well!

Over the next few days in Belize, I used the other materials I brought along to make a gorgeous green shoulder strap purse, which another staff member bought when I finished it.

When it was time to leave Belize I only had one tote left. I decided to leave it behind, with Kristen, thinking a student in their next school or someone else might want it. Shortly after the next discipleship training school started, I received an email that one of the new students wanted the last Belize bag. I guess it’s a good thing I spent some of my vacation time making bags. They each found a great home. In Belize, at least until the owners move on to the next adventure of their lives.