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A Whole lot of Recycling :: 58 bags

20 Sep

The basic purse body is completed. I decided to add a pocket inside this bag before finishing up the handle. So, I turned it inside out (see above) in order to see my work. For the pocket, I crocheted back and forth and used some more of the yellow and orange bags.

I made the top of the pocket a little wider than what I began at the bottom, making it a little easier to use. The pocket itself took 10 more bags to complete.

So far I’ve used 58 bags and still have the handle to complete.


Snowmen in August

15 Sep

During our travels to Minnesota in August, I crocheted a few snowmen from plastic bags during the really long drive. They don’t take very long to make and are an easy project to work on during the drive across the plains.

I have been having lots of fun making these mini snowmen. The most fun is picking out the colored bags to make into the hat and scarf. This part is what gives each little snowman its personality.

Several friends and relatives we spent time with this August were gifted with a snowman. I left one sitting by the TV at my father-in-law’s apartment and he thought it was pretty great when he found it.

My daughter’s neighbor, Sandy (who always has a stash of bags to give me when I’m at Lisa’s), chose her favorite.

Janelle’s mother-in-law, a missionary teacher from Ecuador, went home with a snowman when she stopped in at Lisa’s garage sale. A garage sale customer even purchased one when she saw what I was working on. Cousin Eileen chose one when we were hosted in her wonderful log home near to my dad’s nursing home.

Niece Kari received one when we were at her home in Northern Minnesota for a couple days. And one snowman stayed at Rita’s house when we stopped for brunch with our Utah friends who now live in Wisconsin.