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2010 Winter Collection | Bags2Bags

5 Dec

I’ve been busy making purses, and other things. For now I want to share these with you…the latest collection of crocheted Bags2Bags. They are handmade recycled & repurposed plastic handbags, purses, and totes. Visit the Bags2Bags Facebook page to see individual photos of each purse in the collection. You will also find more details including the name and the size of each purse.

These are one-of-a-kind, so there is limited availability. Please contact me if you’re interested in purchasing one of them to re-purse yourself or a friend. They make wonderful gifts!

NOTE: if the purse you like has already sold, I may be able to create a new one that is similar. Please contact me for more details on a custom order. Thanks!

Frosty the recycled snowman

3 Dec

I collect many crochet and knit patterns that I seldom use. While looking through this stash of patterns about a year ago, I came across one for a snowman which was supposed to be made from torn strips of white fabric. I love snowmen, and had always envisioned making this cute fellow. Now my idea changed to making him from plastic bags!!

I crocheted one of these large snowmen using wal-mart bags—the current white with blue print on them. He turned out amazingly cute! And he is 100% repurposed materials. His buttons are from the collection I’ve gathered over the years. And his stuffing is the discarded handles and bottoms from bags I cut up to make him. So…he is able to be out in the snow!

The first large snowman I made went to my daughter. She likes snowmen, too, and absolutely loves this guy.

The second snowman I made was intended for my nephew’s family for Christmas. Well, my father-in-law saw him before we made it to my nephews and really liked him. He said “I could put him by my door.” No decision there—Mr. Snowman had a new home with my father-in-law (he is 90 now, so who knows how many more years he will be with us).

So this summer, I made another for my nephew’s family, and was able to complete a 4th one that went to my son and his wife.

I use recycled buttons for the eyes and buttons on the body, and have used buttons or crocheted orange plastic to make a carrot nose.

You can also check out the small snowmen I crochet from plastic bags. Please contact me if you’re interested in purchasing a snowman for a Christmas gift. I may have some already made and ready to ship, but can also make a custom snowman just for you.  | bags2bags.repurse(at)gmail(dot)com  |  Diane