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The Making of a Snowman

25 Jan

We all know that snowmen come from snow and melt away when the weather warms up. This winter we have had lots of snowstorms in Utah. Plenty of snow for everyone to have a family of snowmen hanging out in their yards!!

I chose to pass on making the cold and wet kind of snowmen, and have been working again on recycled plastic snowmen. You can read more about my crocheted snowmen here and here. Crocheting themini snowmen is my favorite because the start-to-finish time is pretty short.

My 5″ mini snowmen take 6 shopping bags to complete the body. I use a g or h hook, and cut my bags about an inch in width and then roll them up into balls of plarn for easier handling while crocheting. You can cut the plastic wider and use a larger hook to get a bit bigger snowman. These little ones are fun to set around the house, put in a Christmas stocking, or let the kids have for a toy.

After cutting the 6 bags I crochet the body based on a modified (free) pattern I found at Michael’s last winter—it is for tree ornament snowman made from regular yarn.  When the body is finished I have fun finding colorful bags to make a hat and scarf set for each little man.  The scarfs are simple to make since they’re just a long single crochet chain.  Heavier plastic bags work well for scarves, giving them some rigidness.  Because heavier plastic works wonderfully for hats and scarfs for snowmen I am able to use those bags which I pass on for crocheted purses. The hats are my own creation and they vary with each little snowman—some have traditional top hats while some have wintery pointed “stocking” caps.


top 10 ways to recycle/reuse plastic bags

15 Jan

As the new year begins (can you believe it is already 2011?) I want to give you a list of ways you can recycle/repurpose/reuse all those plastic bags that pile up around the house. These are really simple ideas, but very effective in greening up your life and making your eco-friendly impact on the world. Believe me, you will feel so much better if you can find a way to use a plastic bag again rather than simply tossing it in the trash can.

  1. Trash can liner—rather than purchasing plastic bags
  2. Laundry bag—when traveling or camping
  3. Shoe bag—to protect your clothing from your shoes in your suitcase
  4. Doggy doo bag—clean up after your dog on a walk
  5. Dirty Diaper bag—when away from home use for a soiled diaper (disposable or cloth)
  6. Mailing packages—use plastic bags as filler or cushioning in packages
  7. Gift Wrap—wrap gifts in colored plastic bags
  8. Trash bag—in your car when traveling
  9. Recycle—bring them to a local store that offers recycling
  10. Donate—to Bags2Bags or other businesses that repurpose them into useful items
NOTE: contact me if you’re interested in donating plastic bags. Thanks!

Home Again!!

13 Jan

We have returned home after a wonderful Christmas holiday with our family. We came home to cold and snow, so we are not going out much. Today I gathered some plastic bags from my collection to begin a purse and some snowmen.

Let me know if you want a custom order.  Enjoy the winter weather!