Plastic Bag Paradise

12 May

In April 2010, we were visiting our son and his wife who were working with YWAM (Youth With a Mission) Destination Paradise (DP) ministries in Belize. Belize is a wonderful Central American country (bonus for us: English is the main language). We saw Mayan ruins at Xunantunich, walked through a jungle at Guanacaste national park, marveled at the interesting Belizean animals at the zoo, and played in the Belize river. Most of our time was spent at the DP base on Ambergris Caye (Caye is an island—like the Florida Keys). I opted out on the scuba diving lessons, but did get out in the gorgeous sea for some kayaking and snorkeling near the coral reef.

Travel around Ambergris Caye is by water taxis as the only road out of San Pedro is pretty much a dirt path. Some of the streets in town were paved a few years ago. Most people in San Pedro (the only city on the island) walk, bike, or drive golf carts. There are very few cars on the island.

Since the road/vehicle situation is a little lacking, grocery shopping is a bit of an undertaking. The DP base is 5 miles up the coast from San Pedro. So grocery shopping started with a boat ride into San Pedro, then the walk into town to the different outdoor markets and stores.

We went to a variety of markets in order to find everything on the list (shopping for a week of meals for everybody on the base is quite a task) and had most of the purchases delivered to the waiting boat!

As we were shopping I was checking out all the different colors of plastic bags, imagining the purses I could make. The markets had shopping bags in red, blue, green, purple, lavender and gray. What a plastic bag paradise for me!

Back in the boat for the water ride back to DP base.

* all but the first photo…by my daughter *


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