making my own sunshine

21 May

Where is the sunshine this year? Is anybody else wondering that? I’ve heard from my kids in Ohio that it’s pretty much been non-stop rain and gray there. Here in Utah, we generally have hot and dry weather by now. I already took out my spring/summer clothes, but have yet to wear them. The rain continues….so today, I want to bring sunshine to the B2B blog.

This crocheted tote, Sunshine, was made from the mostly clear-with-a-little-bit-of-yellow Schwan bags. These came from a variety of friends in Utah and Minnesota. When visiting in Minnesota I had it almost completed—just the handle left to crochet—but I ran out of bags.

At Bud’s apartment (my father-in-law), he and I were discussing the need for another bag to finish this tote in the elevator. When the doors opened, another resident got on and said, “I was coming up to see you and bring you this bag. ” Surprisingly it was the exact bag needed to complete Sunshine.  

Sunshine found a home in Colorado with Jessica…wife of one of my son’s high school classmates.


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