Belize Bag and Mesh Tote x2

9 Aug

Earlier this year I received an email from someone in Ohio requesting a custom Bags2Bags purse and tote. It was fun to log-on to my email and see a message from Pamela, a complete stranger, saying: “I stumbled across your blog and adore your totes!!!!! I want one. “

I directed her to Bags2Bags facebook page where she viewed several of  my bags.After viewing them, she wrote, ” I am really interested in a custom reproduction of 2 of the tote bags.”

She loved the Belize bag & the mesh beach/market bag , so this spring I recreated the Belize bag for her. Finding all of the green bags I used in the original was not possible, but I had enough to make a very similar purse. I sent photos to her a few times throughout the crocheting process and she said,”It looks awesome!!!! Thank you so much.” She sent me an e-mail after she received it saying,      “I LOVE IT!!!!! and have been using it ever since.”

left: the original Belize bag   right: Pamela’s bag.

Then I moved on to re-creating the mesh tote bag I originally made a few years ago. White plastic bags with color printing on them are the easiest to come by, so matching the colors on this one was not a problem. I completed the mesh market/beach bag and mailed it to her in the middle of July so she could enjoy it for the rest of the summer.  After it arrived Pamela sent an e-mail saying,”I received the tote on Thursday and I really like it!!!!! Thank you so much. I’ve used it at the grocery store and am taking it to the pool today!God truly has given you a great and creative talent.”

left: the original mesh tote   right: Pamela’s market/beach tote


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