B2B impresses at Family Reunion

16 Aug

In 2009, my husband and I traveled to Minnesota for my family reunion.

My older sister Elaine had been searching for a Swedish recipe for rye bread and one for a beet-herring salad like our grandmother made when we were growing up.  Since I have a few Swedish recipe books inherited  from my mother-in-law, I packed them before we left on our road-trip so she could look through them.

It just so happens that I packed them in one of my Cardinal (red & white) totes. When I gave the recipe books to my sister I handed off the tote with the books inside.

After looking at the books, Elaine returned them to me the following week, in the tote, but mentioned in passing that she had been tempted to keep the tote. The recipe book borrowing event was the tote’s first use. Since I’ve made quite a few red & white bags and can always make more, I casually said she could keep the tote, which caught her by surprise. She happily accepted and I stashed my Swedish recipe books somewhere else.

This just goes to show that it always seems to turn out that the right Bags2Bags tote (or bag) has been created for just the right person, even though I don’t always know who it’s for when I’m making a bag.


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