Kari’s Mesh Tote

30 Aug

This past June on our roadtrip, I worked on completing Pam’s mesh tote. I worked on it while we stayed for a weekend in Minnesota with my niece Kari. She mentioned that she really liked it and I said I would make a mesh tote for her.

When we arrived home, I found some bags to make plarn for a similar color effect as Pam’s tote and got started on the new mesh tote for Kari. Then I came across a larger mesh tote I started way back last winter—a couple inches bigger and with solid color plarn mixed with the basic white (with color flecks). Since it was already started I figured it’d be easiest to keep going on this one. So, I sent a picture to Kari asking if the color on this one is OK and she said “I do like the one with a lot of color! That would be great!”

So I continued crocheting this more colorful mesh tote and recently completed it. Now it is on it’s way for Kari to use before summer’s end.

“I love it, I think the size is great! Thank you so much.” – Kari


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