little girls love purses

20 Sep

There are three little grand nieces in my family who live in the north woods of Minnesota. One fall I crocheted a small purse for each these special little ladies.

Each purse was white with flecks of color…from whichever white plastic bags with a printed store logo I cut into plarn.

The first mini purse had bits of red sprinkled throughout, the second had green and red flecks of color, and the third had red and blue sprinkles. All three had a long and narrow single shoulder strap, a flap that folds over the top opening, and cute recycled buttons (from my sister-in-law’s button box) sewn on for the closure on the flap.

Sadly, I have no pictures of these cute crocheted purses. I gave them to their happy little owners before I ever thought of taking photos so I could show them off. Next time I crochet a Little Girl purse I’ll make sure to post pictures.


One Response to “little girls love purses”

  1. Stacie September 28, 2011 at 5:59 am #

    D- The top picture is beautiful!! I love how it looks so peaceful. I see where L gets her sharp eye from!


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