Archive | October, 2011

Christmas orders

20 Oct

Get your orders in for totes or purses for Christmas. Check out the bags I have available, or place an order for a custom bag. All orders placed through October will include a mini snowman! Enjoy the fall.




Wisconsin with love

18 Oct

Late last summer, we visited friends in Wisconsin for brunch. I gave Rita and Randy a mini snowman and Rita a purse. Fall was on its way so she chose a handbag in fall colors. I have made  several with yellows, oranges and browns. Each one of them has been unique.

Rita then surprised me by giving me a beautiful shawl she had knit. She is fairly new to knitting and has lots of fun meeting and knitting with other knitters in her home town. She’s been making shawls, dishcloths,slippers and afghans.She does beautiful work.Thanks Rita!

Bags2Bags goes to school

11 Oct

My niece Karen received one of the first purses I made from recycled plastic bags. For Christmas one year, I made two little girl size purses for her daughters. Then at a summer family gathering, I gave Karen a tote I made for use as a beach bag. Her family ended up with several Bags2Bags creations.

Kelsey and Hannah were both studying about recycling in school. So they each brought Bags2Bags purses and totes to school to share with their classes about recycling plastic bags. One of the teachers liked them so much she purchased a Bags2Bags purse. Thanks girls!

Sonya’s Blue & White Handbag

4 Oct

On one of our Minnesota visits to my father-in-law, who lives in a senior apartment building, a friend of his asked about my crocheted purses. I showed Sonya pictures of purses, totes, and handbags that were already made and for sale at that time.

Sonya chose a blue and white handbag that she liked. But, it was home in Utah as I had not thought about bringing my stash of already-made Bags2Bags purses on this trip. So, I asked my friend (aka: housesitter) to pick up the purse and mail to me in Minnesota.

Sonya had an additional request for this handbag. She really wanted 2 pockets—inside and outside. The handbag she chose didn’t have pockets, so with a little bit of work (finding/cutting some plastic bags and crocheting the pockets) I delivered her requested handbag with 2 pockets. She was thrilled with her new cute blue and white handbag with 2 pockets.