Sonya’s Blue & White Handbag

4 Oct

On one of our Minnesota visits to my father-in-law, who lives in a senior apartment building, a friend of his asked about my crocheted purses. I showed Sonya pictures of purses, totes, and handbags that were already made and for sale at that time.

Sonya chose a blue and white handbag that she liked. But, it was home in Utah as I had not thought about bringing my stash of already-made Bags2Bags purses on this trip. So, I asked my friend (aka: housesitter) to pick up the purse and mail to me in Minnesota.

Sonya had an additional request for this handbag. She really wanted 2 pockets—inside and outside. The handbag she chose didn’t have pockets, so with a little bit of work (finding/cutting some plastic bags and crocheting the pockets) I delivered her requested handbag with 2 pockets. She was thrilled with her new cute blue and white handbag with 2 pockets.


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