Yellow tote finds a home

4 Sep

My husband and I volunteer with the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief ministry. Yellow is our uniform color. I do much of the paperwork for our group and decided to make myself a yellow tote to use when volunteering. I worked on the tote while traveling and it was completed when we returned home, but I found it wasn’t large enough for what I needed. So it ended up in my inventory of completed bags and I wondered if I’d ever find anyone who would want such a bold yellow tote.

On a trip to MN, I brought along several completed purses and totes I had on hand. My family and I were hosted by my cousin Eilie for a few days. Her home is near the nursing home my dad was in, she works there, and she had graciously opened her home for us to stay many times while we visited my dad.

For work, Eilie often wears a very bright yellow pair of Croc-style shoes. She had noticed that many residents feared stepping over a threshold to a different type of flooring, thinking there was a step. She found she could calm their fears by standing in the threshold with one foot on each side. The bright color of her shoes helped the residents easily see and identify that they were not stepping to a different level. Since discovering that, her yellow shoes have become part of her uniform.

In thanks for her loving hospitality I wanted to gift her with one of my Bags2Bags creations. I let her select from all the purses and totes I had with me. She didn’t hesitate over which bag to choose. “You know”, she said, “I think I’d like the yellow one to go with my yellow shoes.” I think God’s hand was in making it for her. The yellow tote was the obvious choice! When Eilie selected it and shared her story, I was as excited about it as she was. That yellow tote now travels to Villa Vista with Eilie.

How fun that she chose something that would catch the attention of the nursing home residents. Now her shoes and her tote bag can be quite the conversation pieces at the nursing home.


2 Responses to “Yellow tote finds a home”

  1. mephibashef September 9, 2012 at 9:54 pm #

    Great job on your yellow tote… love the color. Yellow plastic bags are not so common in my part of the world (Northern Ohio) so i tend to work alot in white, recycle blue, lowes gray, and the occassional pastel colors. But yellow is a wonderful color.

  2. Diane_B2B October 7, 2012 at 3:56 pm #

    I have gotten yellow bags from newspaper bags from friends in MN. Also some stores occasionally use yellow, so have picked some up in our travels. Colored ones can be hard to come by! I have also used plastic table cloths. When we attend a dinner where plastic table cloths are used, I inquire whether they are keeping them, or tossing. I have gotten some fun colored ones this way. BTY my kids both live in Dayton, so we visit there occasionally!

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