25 Sep

Last year we had such an abundance of apricots, plums, pears  and apples.  With this fruit  I made – jam, syrup, fruit leather, dried apricots, dried apples, applesauce, a variety of desserts and canned dozens of jars of each of them. All but a few jars of applesauce were eaten through the winter.

This summer is quite different. Our apricot crop amounted to 3 dozen apricots. They were good, but gone so quickly. The few plums ripened while we were out of town, so they too are gone. The pear tree supplied us with 4 pears to savor. Our apple harvest is also minimal. We have less than I gave away to one person last year. But I do have enough to have a dozen jars of applesauce canned for the winter, have enjoyed fresh apples, some baked desserts, and still have a few in the refrigerator for an apple salad, pie or crisp.


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