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Making handbags

23 Aug

When I made my first purse from plastic bags, I never imagined it would become a hobby of mine and I would recycle thousands of plastic bags into dozens of stylish purses.

Many of the first purses I made were handbags with short handles

Some bags had a little longer handle that you can easily place over your arm.

Several handbags were made with a “slot” handle.

I even made a few bags with purchased handles.  But since creating them,  I decided  that I wanted my bags to be fully recycled, so I seldom make a bag with purchased handles.

I didn’t keep track of bags I made when I started or take pictures of them. From my reconstructed records I’ve made 30 handbags like these.  Of these, 19 have gone to ladies in Minnesota, 1 in Wisconsin, 3 in Ohio, 3 in UT, 1 in Wyoming and I have 3 currently for sale.  Three of these were knit and the rest all crocheted.

This is my purse that I have used for several years.

This one was created with yellow and blue to recognize my Swedish heritage.


Happy Easter

22 Apr

Enjoy looking at these pictures of several Bags2Bags purses on display among the tulips.  Don’t they remind you of Easter egg hunts in the grass and flowers when you were a child?


from Diane at Bags2Bags

2010 Winter Collection | Bags2Bags

5 Dec

I’ve been busy making purses, and other things. For now I want to share these with you…the latest collection of crocheted Bags2Bags. They are handmade recycled & repurposed plastic handbags, purses, and totes. Visit the Bags2Bags Facebook page to see individual photos of each purse in the collection. You will also find more details including the name and the size of each purse.

These are one-of-a-kind, so there is limited availability. Please contact me if you’re interested in purchasing one of them to re-purse yourself or a friend. They make wonderful gifts!

NOTE: if the purse you like has already sold, I may be able to create a new one that is similar. Please contact me for more details on a custom order. Thanks!