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Sugar Plum the musical purse

21 Jun

On a cross-country road trip to Minnesota last year, we had several old cassette tapes along to listen to in our 1993 van’s cassette player with the intention of discarding those we no longer liked. After discarding several tapes along the way, I remembered seeing items crocheted from cassette tapes on the web. So into the bag they went with my supply of plastic bags for plarn. I figured since I had some on hand I might as well try it out and see if it works for my crocheted plastic bags.

So the experiment began. My first thought was that they might be sharp on the edges and cut my hands since the plastic is stiffer than most grocery bags. My second thought was that plastic strips are really skinny, way skinnier than the plarn I normally crochet with. Since I don’t want to make miniature purses I decided to try adding the tape strip to a regular strip of plarn as additional accent color.

Somewhere on the long drive I tested out my new material. The pictures show the test-run bag I made adding cassette tape plastic into the mix. The combination of the two materials gave an extra shimmer to the colors of the purse.

Turns out the cassette tape strips are very easy to crochet with and even added extra shine and shimmer to the test purse. From the purple, lavender, and gray bags I imported from plastic bag paradise (Belize) I created this purse. My cousin in Texas saw this shoulder strap purse, Sugar Plum, on my Bags2Bags facebook page and purchased it for a Christmas gift for her sister-in-law.

The tapes once played some wonderful music for our ears, but now bring some shimmer to our eyes.

Note :: One thing I discovered is that some cassette tapes are a gray color and others brown, so I realized I have to have plenty on hand to make sure I have the right color for my project. Remember to check the colors if you ever decide to recycle your old cassette tapes as plarn.


Custom-made Bags2Bags

2 May

This past winter was a bit slow for Bags2Bags, I wasn’t working on any purses. Things changed quickly as within a tw0-week period I had requests for two custom order purses and one market bag (tote). They’ve kept me busy, which is good because I think it is fun to be able to turn plastic shopping bags into fashionable purses and totes.

My first custom-made order this spring was for this shimmery purple purse—sugar plum—which belongs to a young lady in TX. Since this purse already has an owner, I need to replicate it, as best I can with a new batch of found materials (plastic bags).

Purple plastic bags are a rarity, but I did have some remaining in my supply of plarn. Most of the bags came home with me from the shops in Belize last year.

I did have to scrounge around for enough bags to complete the purse.A local Utah store uses dark purple bags and I was able to get a few to use. So…I was able to create sugar plum 2 for a friend of a Destination Paradise YWAM student.

Now I am working on a replica of a Belize bag in white and soft greens (made while in Belize…it stayed there with its new owner).Watch for posts of this one and the market bag in the coming weeks.

A Whole lot of Recycling :: 68 bags

3 Oct

The final count.

Wow, this bag has taken shape and character.

I made a shoulder strap for this purse to complete it. It is light yellow in the center—I crocheted 75 chain stitches to start the handle. Then I added to each side with more yellow, and edged it with orange. Down the center I crocheted another chain of a darker yellow to fill in the “holes” left from crocheting on both sides. The strap/handle took 10 bags to complete.

The final count is in and now we all know—it takes an average of 68 grocery size bags to make a large shoulder strap purse with a pocket inside!

Anyone interested in purchasing this great bag can contact me at bags2bags.repurse (at) gmail (dot) com. The dimensions are 13.5″ wide x 10.5″ high. It has a shoulder strap that is 2″ wide and 31″ long and a pocket inside measuring 7″ wide and 4″ deep.

A Whole lot of Recycling :: 58 bags

20 Sep

The basic purse body is completed. I decided to add a pocket inside this bag before finishing up the handle. So, I turned it inside out (see above) in order to see my work. For the pocket, I crocheted back and forth and used some more of the yellow and orange bags.

I made the top of the pocket a little wider than what I began at the bottom, making it a little easier to use. The pocket itself took 10 more bags to complete.

So far I’ve used 58 bags and still have the handle to complete.

A whole lot of recycling :: 48 bags

16 Aug

Yes! I remembered to take a picture. I am still crocheting around and around and around on this bag and have reached 48 grocery size bags for this purse. The colors blend so nicely for a sunset look. Almost to the handle!

Stay tuned.