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Good bye January!

1 Feb

Wow, here we are 1/12 of the way into 2012. My year has already been overly busy, leaving little time for my blog and crafts although I was introduced to the world of Pinterest over the holidays so the ideas and inspiration are definitely not lacking!

Our Utah winter has just not been typical this year with barely any snow. The blessing is—no shoveling! The ski resorts are having to make their own snow. Since we don’t have any snow on the ground to make a snowman, here is my January snowman.

I used a snowman pattern written for yarn, and adjusted my hook size to my plarn. Frosty’s buttons are from my Mom’s button box that I recently acquired. His hat is made from a deconstructed VHS tape! Makes the perfect shiny top hat. He is stuffed with the remains of plastic bags, like bag handles, that are cut up for plarn and a few small rocks to stabilize him. Such a great snowman and he won’t melt away, but may melt your heart!


Wisconsin with love

18 Oct

Late last summer, we visited friends in Wisconsin for brunch. I gave Rita and Randy a mini snowman and Rita a purse. Fall was on its way so she chose a handbag in fall colors. I have made  several with yellows, oranges and browns. Each one of them has been unique.

Rita then surprised me by giving me a beautiful shawl she had knit. She is fairly new to knitting and has lots of fun meeting and knitting with other knitters in her home town. She’s been making shawls, dishcloths,slippers and afghans.She does beautiful work.Thanks Rita!

travel, snowmen, totes & pumpkins

20 Jul

We just returned home from a long road-trip to Ohio and Minnesota where my husband and I visited our children, attended a family reunion, and an all-school reunion in my home town. New Bags2Bags creations were slow going.

I did make a few snowmen on the road

and a mesh tote is ready to mail to its owner

and tried something new…a pumpkin!

I used orange plarn from newspaper bags and crocheted this adorable pumpkin. The average brown plastic bag turned out to be quite perfect for the stem.

I made two to start and they both stayed in Minnesota—one with my sister-in-law Judy, the other with my cousin Karen. I have a lot of orange bags to cut up for plarn, so should be able to make a pumpkin patch for fall. Maybe I’ll try a variety of sizes!

Ugg baby slippers

7 Jun

I do sometimes make things from material other than plastic. There are actually several other projects I have been working besides my crocheted plastic B2B purses. Here is one of them:

a knitted yarn version of Ugg booties for babies

I was searching for fun baby bootie patterns and came across this pattern for Ugg booties. The site could use some design help, but the pattern is worth it.

These are knit (all my plastic purses and totes are crocheted) and I found the pattern pretty easy to follow so you can make your own adorable little ugg boots for your baby (or for a gift). I used left over brown yarn and had some textured cream color yarn that makes the fluffy part look like the real fleecy lining. These are going in my box of gifts to be ready for the next baby who comes along.

Frosty’s Top Hat

12 Mar

I crocheted a shiny black top hat for Frosty. Well, for more than one Frosty the mini snowman.

Last fall my son gave me some old VHS tapes to use for my crocheted plastic purses. Since I was working on some small snowmen I thought I would experiment with making a black top hat instead.

The best part? No cutting necessary! Such a time saver. And the video tape plastic is really shiny

The worst part? The plastic used in VHS tapes is different. Each crocheted stitch involves a lot of squeaking! My family endured the squeakiness…until a movie was on and then they got really annoyed with the squeaky crocheting. They made me stop crocheting with the video tape plastic during the show!


The top hats turned out really cute—shiny and squeaky.

Look at Frosty Go!