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Apricot…jam, nectar, syrup, and sweet desserts

12 Aug

Still plenty of apricots left this year for a couple of batches of yummy jam.

Next…some nectar & sauce which will taste so good during the coming winter.

Followed by a batch of syrup…topping for pancakes, waffles, or ice cream!

Then I simply had to bake an apricot torte and this apricot almond galette, from allrecipes. Delicious!


Apricot leather anyone?

8 Aug

So, I picked a lot of apricots and then some of them became fruit leather.

Blend apricots with a banana and a little sugar if you want them sweeter, pour the concoction onto pans lined with plastic wrap. I pour mine into pancake size portions and let them air dry.

Here in Utah, I can place the pans out in the hot dry sun and by evening I have fruit leather. The other option is to put the fruit leather in a low oven for 5–6 hours to dry. If you have dried them au’natural it destroys anything which may be on the leather.

When dry, roll up, fill some zip-top plastic baggies, and put in freezer to store.


Apricots are calling

27 Jul

The apricots are ripening. We don’t have a big crop this year, and apparently our tree has a fungus that we have to wait until fall to treat. Even so, I have apricots to do something with.

Our tree is close to the house and branches hang over the roof.

This provides some nice shade…but the downside is that apricots go splat on the roof and deck.

My husband usually picks the fruit, but he is out of town. So the other day, I climbed up on the roof and picked all of the apricots I could reach. Now—should I make fruit leather, jam, cake, syrup, cobbler, or one of the dozen other goodies I can think of to make from apricots.