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travel, snowmen, totes & pumpkins

20 Jul

We just returned home from a long road-trip to Ohio and Minnesota where my husband and I visited our children, attended a family reunion, and an all-school reunion in my home town. New Bags2Bags creations were slow going.

I did make a few snowmen on the road

and a mesh tote is ready to mail to its owner

and tried something new…a pumpkin!

I used orange plarn from newspaper bags and crocheted this adorable pumpkin. The average brown plastic bag turned out to be quite perfect for the stem.

I made two to start and they both stayed in Minnesota—one with my sister-in-law Judy, the other with my cousin Karen. I have a lot of orange bags to cut up for plarn, so should be able to make a pumpkin patch for fall. Maybe I’ll try a variety of sizes!