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Christmas Gifting

8 Dec

December is upon us. I have 2 weeks to be ready for a road trip to celebrate Christmas with our family. So most of the shopping is done and a few projects remain to be completed, along with the packing.

If you are looking for a unique Christmas gift for a lady in your life, check out these purses and totes that I have crocheted and have ready to become a lovely Christmas gift.

 Green mint toteB2B : : Green mint tote with double straps and interior pocket

Shades of Gray handbag

B2B : : Shades of Gray handbag with interior pocket

Ombre sling strap purse

B2B : : Ombre sling strap purse with interior pocket

Sunset  sling strap purse

B2B : : Sunset sling strap purse with interior pocket

confetti sling strap purse

B2B : : Confetti sling strap purse

Carnival tote

B2B : : Carnival double strap tote with interior pocket

Cool mint handbag

B2B : : Cool Mint Handbag with interior pocket

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Bags2Bags Belize connection

14 Mar

When my son and his wife were staff for YWAM (Youth With a Mission) Destination Paradise, they lived in Belize for two years and during that time several of my Bags2Bags purses made their way to women involved with the DP school and ministry.

During their first year there Jeff and Kristen came to the states for a YWAM conference and we were blessed to have them spend a few days with us. When they arrived, Kristen asked if I had any totes she could have. I had given her one the previous summer that she packed away in storage thinking she wouldn’t want it in Belize, but found that she could really use one. Luckily, I had the perfect tote for her—crocheted from white bags with red and blue print including an inside and outside pocket. This became Kristen’s Belize Bag. When they returned to the states the tote stayed behind in Belize with one of the ladies on base.

While visiting with us in Utah, Kristen requested a crocheted shoulder strap purse in brown tones for the DP director’s wife.  I got started on it right away since I had several brown plastic grocery bags. Then I ran out of bags and we went to the grocery store to get more from the recycle bin.  Jeff, Kristen, and Jim all helped cut bags into plarn so that I could finish the purse in time for their return to Belize. I didn’t take a photo of Lynn’s bag, but it was similar in colors to the tote in this picture.

This was just the beginning of several Belize Bags! Watch for more on Belize bags.

little girls love purses

20 Sep

There are three little grand nieces in my family who live in the north woods of Minnesota. One fall I crocheted a small purse for each these special little ladies.

Each purse was white with flecks of color…from whichever white plastic bags with a printed store logo I cut into plarn.

The first mini purse had bits of red sprinkled throughout, the second had green and red flecks of color, and the third had red and blue sprinkles. All three had a long and narrow single shoulder strap, a flap that folds over the top opening, and cute recycled buttons (from my sister-in-law’s button box) sewn on for the closure on the flap.

Sadly, I have no pictures of these cute crocheted purses. I gave them to their happy little owners before I ever thought of taking photos so I could show them off. Next time I crochet a Little Girl purse I’ll make sure to post pictures.

Happy Easter

22 Apr

Enjoy looking at these pictures of several Bags2Bags purses on display among the tulips.  Don’t they remind you of Easter egg hunts in the grass and flowers when you were a child?


from Diane at Bags2Bags

FAQ :: what does re-purse mean?

27 Nov

With all the bags that my father-in-law cut for me, I had so many brown ones I decided to make a purse with fall colors:  browns, yellows, and oranges. I did end up using a few more colors, but the overall color scheme is fall. I planned on making this purse and keeping it for myself.

The first day I used the purse after finishing it I went to a church dinner and sat with my siblings. Interestingly, the conversation came around to purses, as two sisters-in-law were looking for new ones. After showing them my new fall purse, I offered to make them each a purse, but they weren’t at all interested in a recycled plastic bag purse.

That incident was rather deflating to my ego—everyone else that I’ve spoken with regarding these purses has absolutely loved them! But, later that evening we went to visit another sister-in-law. When she saw my purse, she immediately commented on it and said she would like one just like if, if I were ever to make another with the same colors.

Well, when she expressed such excitement over it, I took my things out of the purse right away and passed it along to her. I guess you could say I “re-pursed” it. Of course, I had to ask her if I could have a brown paper bag to use as my purse until I could retrieve one of my old purses to use in replacement of the fall purse.