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Bags2Bags goes to school

11 Oct

My niece Karen received one of the first purses I made from recycled plastic bags. For Christmas one year, I made two little girl size purses for her daughters. Then at a summer family gathering, I gave Karen a tote I made for use as a beach bag. Her family ended up with several Bags2Bags creations.

Kelsey and Hannah were both studying about recycling in school. So they each brought Bags2Bags purses and totes to school to share with their classes about recycling plastic bags. One of the teachers liked them so much she purchased a Bags2Bags purse. Thanks girls!


FAQ: what’s in a name?

6 Sep

Way back when I first began crocheting (with a couple attempts at knitting plastic) purses out of plastic bags, I made quite a few purses, handbags, and totes for family and friends as gifts.I even received lots of compliments and curiosity from strangers. Eventually I started getting requests and orders from friends, family, and strangers. My daughter, Lisa, encouraged me to come up with a name for my fun recycled creations. After lots of ideas were considered (including Bag Lady), I settled on Bags2Bags. The full name being Plastic bags 2 Hand bags as you can see in the logo Lisa designed for me.

Sugar Plum the musical purse

21 Jun

On a cross-country road trip to Minnesota last year, we had several old cassette tapes along to listen to in our 1993 van’s cassette player with the intention of discarding those we no longer liked. After discarding several tapes along the way, I remembered seeing items crocheted from cassette tapes on the web. So into the bag they went with my supply of plastic bags for plarn. I figured since I had some on hand I might as well try it out and see if it works for my crocheted plastic bags.

So the experiment began. My first thought was that they might be sharp on the edges and cut my hands since the plastic is stiffer than most grocery bags. My second thought was that plastic strips are really skinny, way skinnier than the plarn I normally crochet with. Since I don’t want to make miniature purses I decided to try adding the tape strip to a regular strip of plarn as additional accent color.

Somewhere on the long drive I tested out my new material. The pictures show the test-run bag I made adding cassette tape plastic into the mix. The combination of the two materials gave an extra shimmer to the colors of the purse.

Turns out the cassette tape strips are very easy to crochet with and even added extra shine and shimmer to the test purse. From the purple, lavender, and gray bags I imported from plastic bag paradise (Belize) I created this purse. My cousin in Texas saw this shoulder strap purse, Sugar Plum, on my Bags2Bags facebook page and purchased it for a Christmas gift for her sister-in-law.

The tapes once played some wonderful music for our ears, but now bring some shimmer to our eyes.

Note :: One thing I discovered is that some cassette tapes are a gray color and others brown, so I realized I have to have plenty on hand to make sure I have the right color for my project. Remember to check the colors if you ever decide to recycle your old cassette tapes as plarn.

Frosty’s Top Hat

12 Mar

I crocheted a shiny black top hat for Frosty. Well, for more than one Frosty the mini snowman.

Last fall my son gave me some old VHS tapes to use for my crocheted plastic purses. Since I was working on some small snowmen I thought I would experiment with making a black top hat instead.

The best part? No cutting necessary! Such a time saver. And the video tape plastic is really shiny

The worst part? The plastic used in VHS tapes is different. Each crocheted stitch involves a lot of squeaking! My family endured the squeakiness…until a movie was on and then they got really annoyed with the squeaky crocheting. They made me stop crocheting with the video tape plastic during the show!


The top hats turned out really cute—shiny and squeaky.

Look at Frosty Go!

top 10 ways to recycle/reuse plastic bags

15 Jan

As the new year begins (can you believe it is already 2011?) I want to give you a list of ways you can recycle/repurpose/reuse all those plastic bags that pile up around the house. These are really simple ideas, but very effective in greening up your life and making your eco-friendly impact on the world. Believe me, you will feel so much better if you can find a way to use a plastic bag again rather than simply tossing it in the trash can.

  1. Trash can liner—rather than purchasing plastic bags
  2. Laundry bag—when traveling or camping
  3. Shoe bag—to protect your clothing from your shoes in your suitcase
  4. Doggy doo bag—clean up after your dog on a walk
  5. Dirty Diaper bag—when away from home use for a soiled diaper (disposable or cloth)
  6. Mailing packages—use plastic bags as filler or cushioning in packages
  7. Gift Wrap—wrap gifts in colored plastic bags
  8. Trash bag—in your car when traveling
  9. Recycle—bring them to a local store that offers recycling
  10. Donate—to Bags2Bags or other businesses that repurpose them into useful items
NOTE: contact me if you’re interested in donating plastic bags. Thanks!